Since we started building Reesrv we knew we had to make some compromises, after all  an MVP is exactly that, a minimum viable product. One thing we weren’t willing to cut any corners on was user experience. Our users and their customers don’t find an intuitive, simple and clean interface, they’re likely not going to use our service again.

Due to our combined seasoned backgrounds in designing and developing both business and user facing solutions, a lot of what we wanted to present on screen came in a simple a fluid manner. But essentially what is a good design with efficient interactions?

That’s where Mobicroll come in. Not only did Mobiscroll’s vast library of resources allow us to speed up our development process, it was the only solution we found with the exact pickers we were looking for.

Afterall Reesrv is a booking tool, so naturally calendars, time pickers and scheduling resources are the basis for our clients to successfully put their businesses online and start interacting with their customers. Not only has the Mobicroll support been amazing but their product has become an integral part of our solution.

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