When switching from a paper book to an online platform, there are four simple ways to keep control of your schedule.

Switching to Reesrv or another online platform can be intimidating if you’re still using a paper book or agenda. Will I lose control of my novel, you might be wondering? We’ve talked to hundreds of beauty professionals just like you, and we’ve listened to their main issues. And here’s what we have to say about their main concerns:

1. What if I have no control over when my clients schedule appointments with me?

We recognize that you want complete control over your time. As a result, Reesrv provides a variety of options that allow you even more control over online reservations:

Whether or whether you want clients to be able to book appointments online is up to you: Professionals can select whether or not to accept online reservations with Reesrv, giving you complete control over your clients’ ability to schedule appointments directly from your website!

When clients book you, you get to choose:

  • Make yourself available for bookings throughout business hours. Clients will be unable to hire you outside of the hours that you specify!
  • Manage your booking window so that clients who book online give you enough notice. You can even choose when clients book you — every hour, half-hour, or 15 minutes?
  • Scheduling personal time throughout business hours is simple. This guarantees that no client will book you during that time!

You get to pick and choose which clients book you:

It’s no problem if you want to pick and choose which clients you work with. Every appointment request that comes into Reesrv includes a setting that allows you to approve or decline it. Turn on “Require Confirmation”!

2. Will I End Up Losing My Client Relationships?

We understand how meaningful your client relationships are.

You may send an email, text messages, or both to your clients. We provide customer email and phone numbers to contact them directly whenever you want.

We also send out notifications for: 

  • Confirmations: 72 hours before a planned appointment, we text/email clients to ask them to confirm their appointments. It’s a great way to cut down on no-shows and last-minute cancellations!
  • Reminders: 24 hours before a booked appointment, SMS or email clients to remind them of the appointment. With a timely reminder for clients, this is a great way to boost the professionalism of your company!
  • Cancellations: Send them an email or notification if you need to cancel an appointment with a client.

You’ll spend less time waiting for a no-show client and more time making clients look beautiful with these. (For fun: Starbucks provides customers complimentary beverages on their birthdays…why not do the same? Reesrv maintains track of all of your clients’ birthdays, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to greet them “Happy Birthday.”)

3. I’m Currently Too Busy To Make The Change

Switching to Reesrv will save you a lot of time in the long run. We make running a business more efficient and straightforward, allowing you to focus on what you do best: making people look and feel beautiful.

  • Once you’ve set up all of your services and rates, let Reesrv handle the rest.
  • Make it simple to market oneself. Use your social media platform to promote your company. We make it simple to share your company’s booking link.

4. I’m Just Starting Out And Can’t Afford To Pay For A New Service

We all know how vital money is. That’s why Reesrv prioritizes providing free tools to professionals who want to expand their businesses. We want you to succeed and expand your company. That’s why we’re always working on new features to help you boost sales and establish a long-term business. Reesrv for Business is now available!

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