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We’ve all been there — the hair color disaster. You walk into the salon armed with photos of your dream hair color, only to walk out with something entirely different. This guide aims to empower you with tips on how to communicate effectively with your stylist and get the hair color you’ve always wanted.

1. Choose the Right Salon and Stylist: It’s More than Just a Place

Contrary to popular belief, a reputable salon doesn’t guarantee a perfect hair color. Think of choosing a hairstylist like picking a tattoo artist; it’s a long-term commitment. Establishing a strong client-stylist relationship is vital. Before making an appointment, peruse the stylist bios and salon mission statement on the website to ensure they align with your vision.

2. Healthy Hair is Your Canvas: Keep It Primed

Healthy hair is crucial for a perfect color job. Arriving at the salon with damaged hair limits your options. Incorporate deep conditioners into your routine, shampoo less frequently, and minimize heat styling for optimal results.

3. Use Visual Aids: Bring Those Pinterest Photos

Words can fall short when describing your ideal hair color. That’s where visual aids like Pinterest and Instagram come in handy. Don’t hesitate to show your stylist multiple photos and even merge elements you like from different images.

4. Learn Hair Color Terminology: Speak the Language

Understanding the lingo can simplify your salon visit:

  • Highlights: Lightening selected hair strands.
  • Balayage: Hand-painted highlights for a natural look.
  • Ombré: Contrasting colors from roots to tips.
  • Sombré: A softer version of Ombré.
  • Color Melt: Blending multiple shades seamlessly.
  • Single Process: One-step color application.
  • Retouch: Refreshing root color.
  • Glaze: Semi-permanent color for added shine and vibrancy.

5. Be Transparent: Honesty is the Best Policy

Your stylist needs all the facts to deliver the hair color you desire. Offer a brief hair history, mentioning previous dyes, trims, and products you use. The more information you provide, the more tailored your results will be.

6. Prepare for Highlights: Clean Hair is Essential

Contrary to popular practice, it’s advisable to wash your hair before getting highlights. Natural oils can hinder even color lifting. For single-process jobs, however, it’s fine to come in with unwashed hair.

7. Time it Right: Opt for a Consultation

Booking a separate consultation day ensures you get the right services in the adequate timeframe. That’s where a platform like Reesrv comes in handy, helping you organize and sync your appointments seamlessly.

8. Aftercare Matters: Take Your Stylist’s Advice Home

While your stylist can’t be there every morning, they can guide you on maintaining your new color with the right products and techniques.

By applying these tips, you’re setting the stage for a rewarding salon experience and the hair color of your dreams. Your stylist wants to help you achieve your best look; it’s up to you to make it as straightforward as possible.

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